Modern Enterprise Authorization

We enable just-in-time access, at enterprise scale, for the modern workforce.

Just-in-time access for the enterprise is now here. At last.

Just-in-Time Access

As the enterprise and workforce evolve, access must be intelligent and dynamic. SGNL ensures that your most valuable resources are being accessed by the right people, at the right time, in the right context.

Fine-Grained Authorization

Enterprise use cases require a fine-grained approach. By building a deep understanding of your business, SGNL is able to drive smart, realtime access decisions.

Intuitive Policies

Scalable access policies should be understandable by all stakeholders. SGNL enables this through an intuitive, human-readable policy builder.

Easy Integration

SGNL connects to, and complements, your existing identity and business systems—with a broad array of simple, easy-to-implement integrations.

What’s happening at SGNL

Fine-grained Transactional Authorization

Nov 3, 2022. Securely communicating user identity and authorization across calls between microservices, especially in multi-cloud environments is an important problem, and it is critical to solve this using open standards to ensure interoperability.

IETF 115 2022

Nov 7 – 11, 2022. Join us in the OAuth Working Group session, where the SGNL CTO will speak about a new standard for Fine-grained Transactional Authorization (FTA), which will help secure multi-cloud deployments.

The Authorization Revolution

Oct 27, 2022. How did we get here? After our last company, Bitium, was acquired by Google in 2017 my co-founder, Erik Gustavson and I spent four years learning at one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

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