Limit the
Blast Radius of

Identity Breaches

Phishing Attacks

Session Hijacking

Credential Theft

Bad Actors

Privilege Escalation

Account Takeover

Achieve Zero Standing Privilege with SGNL’s dynamic access management solution and protect your critical systems.

Latest News
SGNL announces CAEP Hub at the Gartner IAM Summit 2024 in London. Want to learn more? Get a demo

Make consistent policy decisions using business context to enforce the right access at the right time.

Eliminate Standing Access

Grant access to sensitive data only when it's required. Get rid of permission sprawl and role bloat.

Dynamic Enforcement

Make policy decisions in real-time, at the point-of-use. Update policies without updating code.

Context-Based Policies

Leverage your existing business context instead of duplicating policy data everywhere.

Quick to Integrate

Lightning fast APIs make integration a breeze to achieve consistent policy enforcement.

Your Cloud or Ours

Cloud-native, modern technology built in this decade. Leverage our SaaS offering or deploy in your own cloud.

Auditable by Default

Centralizing policy provides observability across systems. Learn who is doing what - where, when and why.

What’s happening at SGNL

SGNL Announces CAEP Hub Feature for Customers

Mar 4, 2024. SGNL’s new offering helps enterprise companies improve their security posture and progress toward ZSP via further adoption of CAEP within their existing systems.

Gartner IAM Summit 2024

Mar 4-5, 2024 . Join us at the Gartner IAM Summit, UK 2024, where SGNL CTO, Atul Tulshibagwale, is coordinating the first-ever CAEP Interoperability Event. Learn about how CAEP can secure zero trust architectures and how major vendors are supporting it in their products. Listen to Atul speak on Monday about the CAEP Interoperability Event, and book time to see the SGNL CAEP features on Tuesday!

Your Security Service Edge Needs Dynamic Access Management

Feb 14, 2024. Security Service Edge (SSE) is an approach to network security, promising seamless connectivity and protection for remote or office-based users and cloud applications. Does implementing SSE then negate the need for robust access management practices?

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