Static access welcomes risk. Close the gap with CAEP.

Continuous, static access puts your critical business systems at risk during hijacking, token theft, and malware attacks. Data compromises like these jumped 72% in 2023 over a record-breaking 2022.

Continuous Access Evaluation Profile (CAEP) offers a standardized way for systems to continuously share user and access updates for improved security, but enterprise adoption has been challenging as many vendors are just starting to support CAEP.

Now, you can close the key authorization gaps that threat actors target by implementing CAEP across your existing applications and systems easily.

SGNL's CAEP Hub provides everything you need to initiate CAEP:

Security for all applications

CAEP cuts the blast radius of session hijacking, token theft, and malware with automated, continuous access decisions. Easily adapt your existing tech stack to conform to CAEP — even your critical systems that don’t yet support CAEP natively.

Real-time event responses

CAEP Hub automatically responds to events happening anywhere in your ecosystem. Sessions across enterprise services and apps are dynamically controlled and based on your own policies. No matter what the event, CAEP Hub can act accordingly.

Common attack protections

With triggers based on context changes, you can unleash the power of CAEP on your most urgent use cases. Easily set up CAEP Hub to monitor and act on session revocation, session hijacking, malware, token theft, credential changes, and device compliance changes.

See CAEP Hub in Action

Discover the CAEP possibilities for protecting everything in your tech stack.