Eliminate standing access with high performance, context-aware policies.

In today’s era of persistent identity attacks, high-risk standing access is a serious threat to critical enterprise systems. Traditional IGA, RBAC, and PAM approaches fall short because they simply weren’t designed for today’s identity-centric security perimeter.

SGNL’s dynamic approach to access management achieves Zero Standing Privilege across your cloud applications like Azure, AWS, GitHub, and Salesforce, as well as on-prem enterprise systems. You can see the full set of integrations here.

This means that your workforce gets only the access they need to do their jobs, at the time it’s needed. That access is automatically revoked once tasks are completed, drastically reducing your blast radius and the potential risk in the event of an identity breach.

“By 2026, 70% of identity-first security strategies will fail unless organizations adopt context-based access policies that are continuous and consistent.”

Gartner, Identity-First Security Maximizes Cybersecurity Effectiveness
By Rebecca Archambault, Felix Gaehtgens, James Hoover, Ant Allan, 7 December 2022

SGNL’s dynamic access platform provides in-depth identity protection that is contextual, continuous, and consistent:


Policy decisions require context. SGNL's built-in enterprise identity graph seamlessly pulls and links data from existing enterprise systems of record providing a foundation for policy evaluation. A catalog of built-in connectors and full support for custom data sources makes it easy to create powerful, data-driven policies without having to worry about data inconsistencies or connectivity to backend data sources.


Conventional access management has suffered from a “point-in-time” problem for too long. Customers put rigorous thought into creating specific permissions when they’re required, but these decisions are often forgotten and not updated when the business need goes away.

SGNL continuously manages access therefore curbing organizational users from accumulating unnecessarily vast permissions over time.


Access decisions must be consistently enforced across applications, APIs and infrastructure. Unfortunately, inconsistencies frequently occur not just between different types of systems but also between different applications that offer access to the same data.

SGNL works across all such environments, applying reusable policies uniformly across applicable systems and applications.

Advanced authorization designed for the enterprise


SGNL’s dynamic access platform is built with a microservices-based architecture, bringing the level of scalability, performance and reliability required by enterprise customers. Coupled with our enterprise identity graph we can provide API response times of under 100ms at the 95th percentile.

Whether deployed for 500 or 500,000 users or managing 10 policies or 10,000, the SGNL platform is designed to handle the operational scale of today's enterprise.

Easy to use

SGNL's innovative policy management system makes it simple to reuse policies across your systems. This approach allows the application owners to build and maintain policies in a simple, human readable format while allowing identity and security teams to establish global controls and policies.


The SGNL platform is offered in two formats:

  • A fully cloud-based, highly-available SaaS solution operating in multiple regions, or
  • An on-prem Kubernetes appliance that can be installed in your own datacenter or cloud VPC.

In either case the result is a reliable solution that you can depend on.

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