Solution Overview

As cloud applications proliferate, it becomes more critical than ever to have fine-grained authorization policies in place. Yet all too often, access control stops with basic roles that give broad access. SGNL’s technology changes this—using realtime business context to make fine-grained authorization decisions, down to specific resources and transactions within cloud applications. And with SGNL’s array of connectors and integrations, bringing this power to your enterprise SaaS stack is a breeze.


Rapidly bring cutting-edge authorization to your SaaS applications

Fine-grained access, based on real-time business context

Easy to implement, with SGNL’s connectors and SDKs

What you get with SGNL

The modern enterprise uses hundreds of SaaS applications, each potentially containing sensitive business and customer data. SGNL enables organizations to regain control of sensitive assets within SaaS Applications.

Beyond RBAC

Move beyond overly-permissive roles and permissions. SGNL allows you to leverage real-time, fine-grained authorization within your cloud applications

Easy Integration

SGNL’s pre-built connectors to SaaS Application can rapidly bring the latest in authorization technology to your existing SaaS stack

Justified Access

Authorization decisions are based on context from your enterprise systems of record, ensuring business justification exists to make fine-grained access decisions to specific resources within applications

How it works

SGNL uses business context from systems of record to provide fine-grained access decisions to infrastructure and services (like Identity Providers) in your environment

SGNL ingests data from the various systems in your organization that contain business context

Human-readable policies define who can perform which actions on your sensitive infrastructure assets

SGNL eliminates long-standing privileges and grants fine-grained access when it’s needed

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