Internal Applications

Solution Overview

Bespoke, homegrown applications form the operational backbone of many enterprises. With SGNL’s platform, these applications can rapidly benefit from fine-grained, real-time authorization. Determine in real-time whether specific users of your homegrown applications have access to sensitive data or transactions, such as customer information, based on business need and context.


Rapidly bring cutting-edge authorization to your internally-developed apps

Fine-grained access, based on real-time business context

Easy to implement, with SGNL’s developer tools

What you get with SGNL

Internal applications are some of the most critical systems in an organization and organic growth over years or decades has caused traditional access control methods to strain or break. SGNL can easily integrate to provide centralized management and auditing, without getting in the way of your business.

Justified Access

Make smart authorization decisions, based on realtime business context and justification from your enterprise systems of record

Easy Integration

Leverage SGNL’s platform - including our SDKs and APIs - to rapidly bring fine-grained authorization to your internal applications

Beyond RBAC

Elevate your homegrown applications to the latest in cutting-edge authorization technology

Centralized auditing

Identify, understand, and take action on anomalous and exceptional behavior

How it works

SGNL uses business context from systems of record to provide fine-grained access decisions to infrastructure and services (like Identity Providers) in your environment

SGNL ingests data from the various systems in your organization that contain business context

Human-readable policies define who can perform which actions on your sensitive infrastructure assets

SGNL eliminates long-standing privileges and grants fine-grained access when it’s needed

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