Cloud Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Grant your Engineering and Development teams the right access to cloud infrastructure— including AWS and Azure—at the right time. With SGNL, access decisions are made in realtime, using business context from your systems of record (like Okta, ServiceNow, and more), ensuring that the appropriate roles and permissions are granted to your engineering users, each time they access your cloud infrastructure.


Empower your developers with the right access, at the right time

Make smart authorization decisions, using real-time business context

Centrally audit access to critical cloud infrastructure

What you get with SGNL

Cloud Infrastructure contains some of an organization’s most sensitive digital assets. SGNL provides seamless integrations to provide the levels of visibility and control that the modern enterprise needs.

Easy integration

Integrate systems of record (such as ServiceNow, Okta, Jira, AzureAD, and more) with SGNL, to make real-time authorization decisions based on business context


Understand the access patterns across multiple organizations and instances about who is accessing which environment

Human-readable policies

Create policies that are human-readable, easy to understand, and a breeze to maintain and update; without the need for deep identity and access expertise

Centralized auditing

Identify, understand, and take action on anomalous and exceptional behavior

How it works

SGNL uses business context from systems of record to provide fine-grained access decisions to infrastructure and services (like Identity Providers) in your environment

SGNL ingests data from the various systems in your organization that contain business context

Human-readable policies define who can perform which actions on your sensitive infrastructure assets

SGNL eliminates long-standing privileges and grants fine-grained access when it’s needed

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