Protect your enterprise’s infrastructure, systems and applications with context-informed access policies.

Identity providers like Okta, Microsoft Entra, and Duo establish user identity at the time of authentication. Once authenticated, a user’s session is handed off to the application to manage. After login, the identity provider is not involved in setting user permissions. User sessions in applications typically grant broad access making them targets for session hijacking and misuse. Single sign-on and MFA are not designed to help with this issue.

To combat this challenge, organizations need to establish a Zero Standing Privilege security posture. SGNL’s platform was built to do exactly that, enabling conditional and contextual access to systems and data to be managed at scale.

Context from key systems like Workday or ServiceNow, as well as existing identity roles and groups from Azure AD or Okta, are mapped in the SGNL Graph Directory to provide quick access decisions.

Leveraging this business context and Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) events, SGNL allows companies to reduce the risk of data breaches and security incidents caused by session hijacking or compromised accounts.

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