Eliminate standing access with high performance, context-aware policies.

Today’s enterprises face an increasing number of threats, particularly those that target user sessions and credentials. Whether the threat is from unintentional usage or malicious activity, companies should seek to eliminate standing privileges as part of their Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) initiative. SGNL’s Continuous Access Platform provides a foundation for that strategy.

Three critical outcomes for any authorization solution are that decisions happen continuously, are consistent across systems, and use context derived from existing enterprise systems.

“By 2026, 70% of identity-first security strategies will fail unless organizations adopt context-based access policies that are continuous and consistent.”

Gartner, Identity-First Security Maximizes Cybersecurity Effectiveness
By Rebecca Archambault, Felix Gaehtgens, James Hoover, Ant Allan, 7 December 2022

SGNL's Continuous Access Platform provides all of the components required to put into place a successful strategy:

Easy to use and maintain

Reusable, human readable policies allow application owners to build, understand, and maintain their own policies while providing identity architects the power to set up the core principles of the system. A well designed policy builder provides composable policy authoring allowing reuse of consistent policies across the enterprise.


Policy decisions require context. SGNL's built-in enterprise identity graph seamlessly pulls and links data from existing enterprise systems of record providing a foundation for policy evaluation. A catalog of built-in connectors and full support for custom data sources makes it easy to create powerful, data-driven policies without having to worry about data inconsistencies or connectivity to backend data sources.


Enterprises operate in real time. SGNL's millisecond response times ensure access decisions can be made inline without slowing down operations. Combined with a flexible deployment model of software-as-a-service or an on-prem Kubernetes appliance, SGNL's Continuous Access Platform is powerful but flexible to work for most use cases, common languages and frameworks.

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