SGNL's platform works at the scale your enterprise requires.

Modern enterprises need a system that can keep up with their rapidly evolving needs. From millisecond response times to managing 1000s of policies to handling millions of records, the SGNL platform provides the operational backbone for your Zero Standing Privilege program.


SGNL’s dynamic access platform is built with modern, best-of-breed technology and a microservices-based architecture, bringing the level of scalability, performance and reliability required by enterprise customers. Coupled with our enterprise identity graph we can provide API response times of under 100ms at the 95th percentile.

Whether deployed for 500 or 500,000 users or managing 10 policies or 10,000, the SGNL platform is designed to handle the operational scale of today's enterprise.

Operational scalability

SGNL's innovative policy management system makes it simple to reuse policies across your systems. This approach allows the application owners to build and maintain policies in a simple, human readable format while allowing identity and security teams to establish global controls and policies.


Performance and scale require resilience. The SGNL platform is offered in two formats:

  • A fully cloud-based, highly-available SaaS solution operating in multiple regions, or
  • An on-prem Kubernetes appliance that can be installed in your own datacenter or cloud VPC.
In either case the result is a reliable solution that you can depend on.

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