SGNL’s technology supports dynamic authorization at scale.

Policy management

SGNL’s platform is a single pane of glass for creating, managing, and applying policy.

Policy and application owners

Build and apply reusable human readable policies across multiple services. Version control policies and run them in simulation to ensure no business disruption.

Identity architects

Assemble the building blocks that can be leveraged to create policies. Gain an understanding of the sources of truth that the policies depend on.

Compliance and audit

Gather insights into access request denials and approvals. Integrate with your existing SIEM for log aggregation and reporting.

Reusable policies and policy building blocks

Compose policies based on principle, target, action, and context with a straight-forward user interface. Business owners or identity architects can understand what a policy does without looking at code with SGNL’s human readable policies.

Built for the enterprise

Evaluate 100s of policies for a single request in parallel, in milliseconds. SGNL’s robust version control, policy simulation, and segmentation of user roles and permissions supports enterprise-wide deployments.

See SGNL Policies in Action