SGNL integrates with existing Authorization frameworks and provides a library of pre-built connectors, creating a fast time to value.

Integrate across your enterprise stack

The modern enterprise is built on a complex ecosystem of platforms, languages, and frameworks – each requiring its own set of skills and expertise. SGNL provides a library of pre-built connectors to enable seamless integration for common languages, data sources, and frameworks.

Policies require context

Zero Standing Privilege requires each authorization request to have the appropriate context in order to evaluate a given policy. Increasingly authorization requests need to evaluate many policies at the same time which means that policies need a simple, consistent way to access data across an organization.


A global support team needs to access customer data in a CRM. Due to regulatory requirements, the business needs to ensure the agent is in the same country as the customer, has the same citizenship as the customer, and has an open ticket for the customer that they did not create themself.

In order for this to happen, the policy needs to be able to access data about: (1) the support agent, (2) the customer, (3) the support ticket assignment, (4) the context of the request. The data required to evaluate this policy is often stored across multiple systems.

This simple use case highlights why multiple sources of data are required. As policies become more complex and span across use cases, the requirement to have unified data becomes even more challenging.

SGNL solves this problem through our unique approach of unifying context data from existing enterprise systems of record.

SGNL’s catalog of pre-built connectors integrates with common enterprise data sources to create a unified view of your data. This provides the context necessary to write policies that scale across applications.

SGNL's Integrations


Having centralized policy makes it faster to apply policy across multiple systems. SGNL provides a catalog of  pre-built connectors including Okta, Azure AD, Sailpoint, SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, API gateways, and authorization frameworks making it easy for enterprises to support their specific use cases. SGNL also has a robust framework to create custom adapters for home grown or legacy systems. (

Authorization frameworks

Many enterprise organizations are using frameworks like Open Policy Agent (OPA) or internal solutions. These frameworks make it easier for developers to build authorization into applications but still require contextual data for policies. With SGNL, companies no longer have to push data down to these systems. Instead, they can integrate them directly with SGNL through a simple API call, extending the power of the OPA and other frameworks to more complex use cases.


SGNL’s platform logs all authorization decisions. Additionally, all policies are version controlled and can be run in simulation or production mode. For enterprise deployments, this creates a significant amount of log data that can be used for audit and compliance. SGNL integrates with cloud native SIEMs so that our customers can leverage their existing audit and compliance infrastructure.

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