SGNL @ Gartner IAM Summit 2024

Mar 4-5, 2024 / London, U.K.

Join us at the Gartner IAM Summit, UK 2024, where SGNL CTO, Atul Tulshibagwale, is coordinating the first-ever CAEP Interoperability Event. Learn about how CAEP can secure zero trust architectures and how major vendors are supporting it in their products. Listen to Atul speak on Monday about the CAEP Interoperability Event, and book time to see the SGNL CAEP features on Tuesday!

Speaking Sessions

Industry Interop: Has CAEP Solved Your Session-Management-at-Scale Needs Yet?
Monday, Mar 4, 2024 / 11:45AM-12:15PM GMT
Continuous access evaluation profile (CAEP) is architected to solve the zenith of difficulty of session management for hybrid and multicloud environments. CAEP provides key capabilities that weave tools together. We will discuss its importance and Gartner has invited the OpenID Foundation’s Shared Signals Working Group (SSWG) on stage to showcase implementations to demonstrate interoperability.
CAEP Interop Demo
Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024
Stop by to observe the first ever public interoperability demonstration of how to share security signals between trusted parties, and ask leading edge implementers how the CAEP open standard and their products work together. This standard has the potential to play a significant role in securing public and private implementations globally by enabling organizations to share indicators of compromise. When implemented across ecosystems these signals, like artifacts of malicious activity or indicators of session property updates, can be used to monitor, detect and prevent attacks. A selection of large and small organizations will demonstrate how they achieve zero-trust security using Continuous Access Evaluation Profile (CAEP). To learn more see this article on why the Shared Signals open standard matters, and why governments and private companies alike are eager to see this standard scale swiftly

Meet with SGNLers

Meet 1:1
Atul Tulshibagwale, Chief Technology Officer
Atul is a federated identity pioneer and the inventor of the Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP), forming the basis of the Shared Signals and Events working group in the OpenID Foundation, which he co-chairs.