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Fine-grained Transactional Authorization

Open-standards effort underway in the IETF

The Authorization Revolution

How something as boring as enterprise authorization impacts everyone’s daily life.
Describes the solution architecture at a high level

Securing AWS Access with SGNL

Use ITSM workflows to authorize limited scope AWS break-glass access

Create an Effective Cybersecurity Mesh with Just-In-Time Authorization

Defense-in-depth is critical to the identity fabric and centralized policy management

The Lay of the Authorization Land

Authorization is a complex space. Let’s break it down.

Unveiling SGNL at Identiverse

The SGNL team attended, sponsored, and spoke at Identiverse 2022 while also unveiling a modern enterprise authorization platform that delivers Just-in-Time Access Management.

Why we need an RPC Security Standard

Microservices, multi-cloud deployments and third-party APIs can all benefit by limiting authorization

Announcing Just-in-Time Access Management

Join us at Identiverse 2022 to see the start of Modern Enterprise Authorization

Just-in-Time Authorization with OpenID SSE and CAEP

Enterprises relying on on-premise or cloud identity providers (IdPs) to authenticate users to third-party SaaS apps or internal apps are often challenged with implementing effective access control or authorization.

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