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Create an Effective Cybersecurity Mesh with Just-In-Time Authorization

Defense-in-depth is critical to the identity fabric and centralized policy management

The Lay of the Authorization Land

Authorization is a complex space. Let’s break it down.

Unveiling SGNL at Identiverse

The SGNL team attended, sponsored, and spoke at Identiverse 2022 while also unveiling a modern enterprise authorization platform that delivers Just-in-Time Access Management.

Why we need an RPC Security Standard

Microservices, multi-cloud deployments and third-party APIs can all benefit by limiting authorization

Announcing Just-in-Time Access Management

Join us at Identiverse 2022 to see the start of Modern Enterprise Authorization

Just-in-Time Authorization with OpenID SSE and CAEP

Enterprises relying on on-premise or cloud identity providers (IdPs) to authenticate users to third-party SaaS apps or internal apps are often challenged with implementing effective access control or authorization.

The Case for Justified Access

RBAC and ABAC cannot contain privilege sprawl, and in fact contribute to it. Dynamic authorization based on signals and data from across an enterprise can bring us closer to a “least privilege” access model.

Why I Left Google to Start SGNL

In October of 2021 I drove to Google’s Irvine office to turn in my employee badge and laptop. It was four years after Google acquired my last company and a new adventure beckoned.

What Ails Enterprise Authorization

While the “Identity” part of Identity and Access Management is looking better than it used to, the “Access Management” part is still very much a wild-west landscape.

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