SGNL’s founders, Scott Kriz and Erik Gustavson, have spent over a decade developing innovative identity solutions.

After Google acquired Bitium (an Identity and Access Management company) in 2017, they turned their attention from the Authentication (AuthN) space to Authorization (AuthZ). From their vantage point working in multiple, identity-focused areas at Google, it was clear to Scott and Erik that few companies had been able to effectively solve Enterprise Authorization at scale.

CEO / Co-Founder

Scott is a product leader and innovator in identity with over a decade of identity experience as both an entrepreneur and as a practitioner in a larger organization. Prior to SGNL, Scott was the CEO/CPO and Co-Founder of Bitium, an Identity and Access Management company. Scott joined Google through their acquisition of Bitium. As a Product Lead at Google, he founded a team internally to standardize authorization to customer and consumer data.

CPO / Co-Founder

Erik is an innovative, product-oriented technologist with more than a decade of experience in the identity industry. Before SGNL, Erik was the CTO and Co-Founder of Bitium, an Identity and Access Management company. After joining Google via the acquisition of Bitium, Erik was the engineering lead for multiple teams in Google Workspace, including the Security and Cloud Directory teams. Erik is also co-chair of the OpenID FastFed working group and a member of the SCIM working group.


Atul is a federated identity pioneer and the inventor of Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP), forming the basis of the Shared Signals working group in the OpenID Foundation, which he co-chairs. Prior to joining SGNL, he was a technical leader at Google where he focused on extending access security across multi-vendor SaaS and on-premise systems. Earlier, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Trustgenix (acquired by Hewlett Packard), where he defined the federation server, an architectural concept now adopted by all major Identity Providers. He helped define open standards such as the Liberty Alliance and SAML 2.0. He continued with HP as the Director of Federation. Prior to joining Google, Atul was at MobileIron as an Identity Architect.

Director of Engineering

Prathima is a passionate product builder with over a decade of experience building products in enterprise AuthN and AuthZ as well as in the consumer space. She led teams at Google in mobile device management (MDM) and next generation API authorization service for Apigee Edge. Prior to Google, she worked at Salesforce where she built platform authentication and encryption related technology. She founded and led the transaction security team at Salesforce, building a framework for anomalous authentication and data access alerting. Prathima obtained her PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University. Her dissertation focused on analysis and management of XACML policies. Prathima is also an entrepreneur and is the founder of Kin Parenting, a one-stop personalized recommendations app for families to discover local places and activities.

VP of Product

Marc is a product leader in identity with over 15 years of industry experience. Prior to joining SGNL, he was a Product Lead at Google where he led Google Cloud Identity Platform, managing and securing billions of user identities. Prior to joining Google, Marc led product teams at Okta that connected legacy on-premises technologies with Cloud providers and pioneered Certificate and Kerberos Authentication technologies for Okta’s Cloud Services. He worked with product teams at Microsoft to design, develop, and deploy counter abuse technologies for some of their largest properties. At Microsoft he also worked with governments and Fortune 500 companies to establish robust and secure authentication solutions pushing the limits of Microsoft’s authentication, threat detection, and eventing capabilities.


Conrad is a security leader with over a decade of experience building security programs, leading security teams, and overseeing compliance audits and certification processes in small and scaled organizations. Before SGNL, Conrad was CISO for Open Raven, a data security posture management company. Prior to that, he ran Risk & Compliance, Product Security as the CISO at Tenable, seeing the organization through to a successful IPO. Prior to Tenable, Conrad was CISO at Bitium and a national mortgage lender.

Director of Operations

Laurie is a natural leader with a passion for building and transforming organizations and cultures. She has over 20 years of experience across business and people operations, employee experience and organizational development. Before SGNL, Laurie led operations at several technology start-ups from launch to maturity and acquisition and helped build a non-profit organization for emancipated foster youth, creating a program that was adopted nationwide. She thrives when thrown a challenge and is driven by an enthusiasm for creating experiences that make a positive difference for both the organization and its people.

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Costanoa Ventures


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CRO @ CloudBees,
Former GM Global Cloud Security Sales @ Cisco


Author of LOVED, Lecturer @ UC Berkley,
PMM Partner @ Silicon Valley Product Group


Identity Expert, Board Member IDSA,
Strategic Advisor @ Okta and Strata


VP Identity Products @ Disney,
Former SVP of Product Management Identity, Security, Privacy @ Salesforce


Director @ Rubrik and JFrog,
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