Wading Deeper into Access Management

LinkedIn Live to dive into access management methodologies

Atul Tulshibagwale, CTO, SGNL
July 13, 2023
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Access Management, or authorization, is an area that is both critical to enterprises, and of growing importance. This was evident in the amazing response and insightful questions we got in SGNL’s June 28, 2023, LinkedIn Live event that introduced the key concepts of authorization.

For folks just starting on their access management journey, watching our first LinkedIn Live will be worth the 20 minutes of your time. And if you want to know more about why access management matters, check out my previous blog post where I presented a rationale for doing these sessions.

In our next installment, we will review various access management methodologies that teams use to bring together all the components we discussed in our first LinkedIn Live.

There are a lot of different ways in which applications and vendor products approach access management. There are different angles for policy management, governance, single sign-on, application independence and resiliency in each methodology. Making choices informed with these considerations can make a tremendous difference in your overall risk and security, and the cost of achieving the desired secure outcomes.

Please join our second LinkedIn Live and submit questions for an interactive discussion about these access management methodologies on July 19, 2023.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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