Announcing, The First Free Online Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol / Profile (CAEP) Transmitter

New offering continues to build on the momentum of the open standards that bring interoperability to zero-trust security

April 11, 2023
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We announced the launch of a free, non-commercial online Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol / Profile (CAEP) Transmitter through a press release this morning. This blog post is an edited version of that press release.

The new offering further demonstrates SGNL’s commitment to and leadership in standards development and adoption.

According to research by the IDSA, 93% of organizations indicated that Zero Trust is strategic to securing their organization, with 97% agreeing identity is a foundational component. However, successful zero-trust deployments require multi-vendor components to interoperate, especially to convey any changes to session security. The OpenID Shared Signals Framework (SSF) and CAEP standards enable changes to session security to be communicated in a vendor-neutral manner.

“This is an important milestone in the adoption of a standard that is seen as critical to zero-trust security,” said Atul Tulshibagwale, CTO of SGNL. “ not only provides a ready Transmitter, it also shows how easy it is to build and adopt CAEP Receivers.”

SGNL’s offering includes the following features:

  • Register and create streams to Shared Signals Framework (SSF) Receivers
  • Generate CAEP events on demand and receive them through your Receivers
  • Learn about CAEP through the extensive Learning Center content
  • Download scripts to instantly create a SSF Receiver

The Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol was first conceived in a blog post by Google. Since then, an informal standards development effort has grown around it and ultimately merged with an existing working group in the OpenID Foundation, to form the Shared Signals working group.

Momentum has been building around CAEP: Microsoft announced their Continuous Access Evaluation feature and Cisco announced a website dedicated to Shared Signals -, and associated open source components. Box demonstrated interoperability with Cisco using CAEP. New developers, however, did not have an online CAEP Transmitter that they could test their Receivers against - until today.

“The OpenID Foundation welcomes the announcement of, which will help developers adopt the OpenID Shared Signals Framework and CAEP,” said Gail Hodges, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation. “Zero-Trust Architectures require components from multiple vendors, and interoperability between those vendors can be ensured only through standards like SSF, CAEP and RISC.”

SGNL CTO Atul Tulshibagwale will discuss at the Identity Defined Security Alliance’s Identity Management Day virtual event today at 11 AM PDT.

Visit to see it in action.

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